Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Optimal Cognitive Development With the Help of Play Research Paper

Optimal Cognitive Development With the Help of Play - Research Paper Example A potential example of learning according to Piaget’s theory is in a kindergarten classroom. It is noteworthy here that in the kindergarten classroom, children are in the preoperational stage in which, they are egocentric. When a teacher in the kindergarten classroom asks the students to discuss their activity when it snows outside, different children share different thoughts; some might say that they like to make snowmen while others might say that they like making snow angels. None of these responses can be regarded as incorrect because these responses are grounded in children’s personal experiences of being outside in the snow. Such a discussion in the kindergarten classroom helps the children visualize and realize different activities that can be performed out in the snow with the information provided by their fellow classmates. Children in the kindergarten classroom think that the only correct answer to the teacher’s question is theirs since they are egocent ric. It is extremely important to realize different ways of employing the theories of cognitive development. Teachers can use Piaget’s cognitive theory of play in the kindergarten classroom to help the students become master learners. Major components of Piaget’s theory of play will be evidenced in my classroom through the division of the classroom into different centres or sections, each for a different type of play, as well as one where different types of plays can be organized in combination. For example, children will be given musical instruments like pianos and guitars to play.

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