Saturday, March 14, 2020

Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely essays

Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely essays Bridget Riley was an English painter, she painted abstract shapes that looked like optical illusions when you looked at them, and these were known as "Op Art. In the Early 1950s she went to Goldsmiths College and the Royal College of Art. She became famous by doing lots of black and white paintings in the 196Os that included paint lines of pure colors, which changed the brightness of the individual colors. During the 1970s, Riley's range of colors started to include both black and white. Despite her paintings being mainly abstract, Riley's works were intended to remind her of her own visual experience of the world Victor Vasarely studied in Budapest at the Podolini-Volkmann Academy, then at a school of graphic arts. Victors work though out the 1930s consisted of designing posters, he liked to use effects of graphic patterns and space illusions, which concentrated mainly on painting. His first exhibition contained many different patterns such as zebras and chessboards. In the late 1940s Victor focused on paint geometric abstraction that promoted Op Art in the 1950s with compositions based on different kinds of patterns. ...

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